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Gasoline or fuel. Short for petroleum.
Who's got the snaps on the petro?
by chickenbuttz June 26, 2003
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Scared; afraid
He's was madd petro when I was about to fight him, he almost ran away
by tisha October 21, 2003
A slang term describing Peter North, a famous Canadian porn star known for his massive ejaculations. Also, it can be used as a verb saying that someone got "petroed" in the face.
Ben was hardcore petroed by his idol Petro
by Jdubbs November 18, 2006
Usually a person who likes to be the center of attention but only with his friends. Shy and has a hard time interacting with people he doesn't know and with in new environments. At a younger age he was a mamas boy and a thumbsucker. Generally a good and loyal friend. Has trouble controlling what he says and has no filter in his brain.
petros was weird when i first met him, but i like him now.
by pats fan 99 April 19, 2009
A chain of truck-stops owned by TA (Travel Centers of America). Open 24/7/365, these stops cater to truck drivers offering: showers, 24 hour dining, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, driver lounges, and more. Also treats their employees like shit.
Driver 1: Lets stop at the Petro!
Driver 2: Ok! I can take a shower and jizz all over the towels.
by untiedsox February 11, 2011
Meth capital of the United States. Located in Tennesee. Full of inbred people who stare at cars when they drive by.
Hey wifey sis want to hang out at the wide spot in Petros, and try to get some meth before we fuck tonight?
by TeeJay8516 November 07, 2008
An obscenely tall, socially awkward guy who is very cynical and hard on himself. He oftens boasts about his lack of friends and his extreme unattractiveness for girls. He is very depressing and his loud voice makes him frequently annoying. However, he is actually a very sweet, kind boy that few people take the time to get to know. He is pessimistic, but if he weren't so blind to reality, he might see that there are people who genuinely care about him
Man, I always feel so depressed after talking to Petro
by __blumberg March 31, 2011

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