A self-proclaimed independent film written, directed, and acted in by Zach Braff. The plot is extremely slow and predictable, and there are no parts in the film that stand out from any other part. Many teenagers worship Garden State, claiming that it is "genius" and "redefined film." This is untrue. The movie is a generic circular plot with unidentifiable plot stages.

The movie has an ad for the soundtrack about twenty minutes in. It's not a huge ad, but it seems very out of place. The music by itself is okay, if you are into slightly ethereal, lyrically-focused bands. As with the movie itself, many teenagers cling to these bands as if they can do no wrong.
John: Hey Sally, wanna go watch Garden State?
Sally: No. It's boring and I would fall asleep and neither of us would get any.
by 6:47 AM May 31, 2005
Top Definition
An absolutely amazing film that was written, directed, and starred in by Zach Braff. Natalie Portman, Ian Holm, and Peter Saarsgard also starred. The movie is beautiful in every meaning of the word, and is extremely real and intimate. It is also funny and is shot perfectly.

The soundtrack also contains WONDERFUL music by The Shins, Frou Frou, Remy Zero, Zero 7, Iron and Wine, and Coldplay, among others. Perfect.
Zach Braff is a genius.

"Good luck exploring the infinite abyss!"
"Hey, you too!"
by Chelsea January 26, 2005
1. New Jersey's state name
2. A great and quirky independent film that turned out to be a surprising hit.
I need to visit New Jersey. And Garden State is a great film.
by Kyle March 09, 2005
Going back to that imaginary place we all call home to find out who we are. Only to find you and so much more. Meet old friends, stumble upon love, and letting go.
Simply feeling again.
Last night i found my Garden State, it was here the whole time.
by ASHE March 17, 2005
the best movie ever created
with the best soundtrack as well
"You gotta hear these songs, they will change your life. I Promise you."
by my pseudonym. January 16, 2005
An independent film about a man's struggle (Zach Braff) with coping with the loss of his mother, with a life of prescription induced apathy (and the release of this apathy through new found love as he returns home) and can finally live his emotions after living life without prescription drugs and finally letting go the secret of his mother's disablity by the end of the movie.
There's not really an example that can go here...it's a movie.
by CJ Dayringer April 04, 2005
It's Zach BRAFF, not Bradford. If you're going to give a definition, at least know the name. I mean, he wrote, directed and starred in the damn thing.
"Like, oh my god, I totally like Zach Bradford.. you know, the guy from Garden State!"
"Zach Bradford.. you mean, Zach Braff? Yeah.. you should probably think twice before you go and say something about him without knowing his name..."
by jezebel January 25, 2005
one who listens to alternative music (i.e. the arcade fire, the shins, iron and wine, cold war kids, ect.) and wear clothes such as cardigans, scarfs, and slacks
Whats that Edward kid like?
I dunno, he's kind of garden state.
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