Highly overrated film directed by Zach Braff. While the direction, script, and camera work are mediocre; the overall feeling of the film is much like the Zach Braff character himself: numb. The relationships of the characters seem stale and unrealistic.

The film is often praised by teenagers as the best film ever mainly because most of them have never seen an independent film and are so accustomed to the mainstream formula that Garden State seems refreshing and original, even though there are much better human type films out there.
While Garden State is a decent film, it doesn't deserve the hype that surrounds it.
by Derek February 27, 2005
A self-proclaimed independent film written, directed, and acted in by Zach Braff. The plot is extremely slow and predictable, and there are no parts in the film that stand out from any other part. Many teenagers worship Garden State, claiming that it is "genius" and "redefined film." This is untrue. The movie is a generic circular plot with unidentifiable plot stages.

The movie has an ad for the soundtrack about twenty minutes in. It's not a huge ad, but it seems very out of place. The music by itself is okay, if you are into slightly ethereal, lyrically-focused bands. As with the movie itself, many teenagers cling to these bands as if they can do no wrong.
John: Hey Sally, wanna go watch Garden State?
Sally: No. It's boring and I would fall asleep and neither of us would get any.
by 6:47 AM May 31, 2005
(n): a preview which is far better than the movie it promises

(adj): relying too hevily on a single song, usually pretaining to movies

(v): to enjoy faux artsy movies
(v): to travel to or be in new jersey
Oh no, looks like a garden state.

Dude, your script is garden state. Fix it.

That guy garden states regularly in his film reviews.

My friend garden stated last weekend.
by ktothet September 18, 2005
odor and color of a drunk's vomit.
That bitch left the garden state on my new sofa.
by Tommy Boy March 06, 2005
the shittest state in these untied states.
some people call it home. i call it america's shit hole.
Garden State is americas shit hole and there is nothing u can do about it.
by Bearded Abe March 19, 2005
An amzing movie staring Zach Bradford and Natalie Portman. It's funny and sad at the same time. Watch it if you ever get the chance, it's so worth it. The music is really good too.
I watched Garden State and it was so good, you have to watch it!
by Maya January 22, 2005

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