To steal, take or rob.
The thug said he was going to gank a car.
by Ram to the Bo yo December 19, 2010
To ambush then stun(shield bash : W3) and use a high damage spell or ability (shock wave : W3) within a few seconds to kill a weakened enemy.
"i got him down run around and gank him"
by ughmuffins February 10, 2010
to steal
the shoplifter ganked some candy from the corner store
by burnzyyyyy July 29, 2009
1) To filch (presumably a portmanteau of "grab" and "yank").

2) To playerkill in an MMORPG.

3) To insult or slander.
"I ganked a bag of chips out of the break room."

"Why do his characters keep getting ganked?"
"Beats me."

"I don't have any proof yet...but I think Brent has been ganking me."
by Qit February 25, 2004
To steal or take something that doesn't belong to you. Origin: by me in 1983. I made up the word because I was so mad that my car was broken into and all of my music tapes and tape player was stolen.
I told everyone my tapes were ganked and that I was going to gank them back.
by jgianc February 24, 2014
A proposal to be taken into a cupboard by a woman in a skirt far too short for her, matched with cotton tights and a banana.
guy 1: hey how was your date with Cheryl?

guy 2: not good man! she tried to Ganks me.
by Ratgurlz February 07, 2014
Taking, without permission, a handsome fellow's Korean food.
He wasn't looking so I ganked some bulgogi from his stone dish.
by senor.fisher March 06, 2013

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