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It does NOT mean to get ganged up on in WoW. At least not originally.

1) To stab or shoot someone.
2) To steal something.
3) To disrespect someone.
4) Fake crack.
Dr. Dre: "This bitch tryna gank me, i'll smack you upside ya head wit 9 inches of limp dick!"
by DopeMan1988 June 13, 2011
verb form of loving someone.
i ganked with my girlfriend all the time.
by redtai May 22, 2011
to jack, rob, steal something
he fucked my sister so i fucked him up and ganked all his shit.
by Kyle99 January 06, 2011
Widely used turn to describe a kill using a group of allies to kill an enemy character.

Mainly used in Warcraft - The Frozen Throne (DOTA).

Stands for:
gank bot plz
by Go Die Quick? January 03, 2011
stole, took, to rob, pilfer, loot
I can't find my lighter, who ganked it?
by sativabeliva April 10, 2009
Gank - To steal, take or make use of an object that belongs to or is used by someone or something else.

Commonly used when one "cannibalizes" one piece of equipment to make use of another.

1 How did you get your car started? I "Ganked" the batttery from that car out back.

I Ganked a couple connectors off an old piece of coax, now I can watch TV!

I can't get on the internet, someone decided to gank my mouse.
by Kuerno May 21, 2008
1) To take or steal something that isn't your's
2) To gang up and kill someone on any type of video game
1) That guy just ganked all my money!
2) Let's go gank that noob.
by cheesemonsta April 29, 2008