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Gank is a slang word used in Australia, New Zealand and the UK which means to steal.

Although it has been used in this way for many decades, and still is, in recent years it has also been used as an abbreviation of 'gang kill' in MMORPG's.

Gank = Steal

Ganking = Stealing

Ganked = Stole

In MMORPG's - Gang kill. To attack someone using overwhelming odds against them.
The bitch ganked my lighter.

This pokie (poker machine) keeps ganking my money.

Can i gank a couple of smokes?

IN MMORPG's - Let's be cowardly bitches and gank this guy.
by Kupotan October 29, 2009
a word said while in the act of stealing something so as to be noticed as a joke
while taking your buddies hat "gank!"
by justin42888 April 11, 2008
to steal, take, or borrow something that isn't yours
"Nice shirt!"
"Thanks, I ganked it from my roommate's closet this morning."
by Becca H. April 06, 2008
v. To be stolen, To have it taken from.
Man I was right there and somehow someone ganked my shit anyway
by Ayden October 29, 2007
to be a bitch to someone when it's completely unnecessary
Hagrid: "omg, Nikki can't have a skype call she's already had one."
by pablo the second December 29, 2013
To attack someone in a videogame with unfair odds.
"dude that guy is like 20 lvls higher than me and he just ganked me."
"theres like 6 of them and they all teamed up and ganked me."
"someone help theres a bunch of max lvls running around ganking lowbies!"
by thefatmangameguru April 24, 2013
Extremely impressive or daunting. Also a synonym for words such as: awesome, excellent, or superb.
Bro you know I'm gank, aint nobody dope as me!
by Bro beans69 May 25, 2012