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A nice, long pair of female legs.
Ashley has a stately pair of gams.
by gam lover February 14, 2003
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Scottish slang for oral sex performed by a woman to a man.
"Gies a barry gam though, he sais." Irvine Welsh, "A Soft Touch"
#blow #blow job #suck #oral #oral sex
by george.costinas December 03, 2006
The term "gams" refers specifically to the thighs. Used only in describing women's thighs, and typically only when said thighs are considered attractive.
That bathing suit really shows off your gams, Marilyn!
#thighs #legs #hams #gamms #haunches #butt #glutes
by scumboy0 March 19, 2006
Fetish tainted term meaning long slender but shapely female legs. Typically a stylish, classy or even trashy woman but with sexy shapely legs. Term used by men have an appreciation and fetish for the female body, clothed or naked. This definition originated years ago in the 30-40's. People like Clark Gable used it to describe Rita Hayward's legs. The word was used in many gangster movies with Edward G. Robinson, George Raft and others when looking at a sexy woman who showed her legs off.
" Hey baby, it's not the face they remember it's the gams."

"Did you see the gams on that babe when she walked by?"
#legs #woman legs #leggs #leggz #stockings
by SeaPilot June 25, 2009
an early 50's/late 40's term used in place of legs, ie, gams
Hey Preston, look at the gams on that broad!!!
by Matthew Fernandez January 13, 2005
Attractive, nicely shaped, and/or fit thighs and calves on a female.
Yo, this girl walkin in front of us got some gams on her!!
#legs #thighs #thick #calves #gams #gam #sexy
by babyjay2801 September 01, 2010
gay asian male or gay azn male
by 909 July 24, 2003
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