Fetish tainted term meaning long slender but shapely female legs. Typically a stylish, classy or even trashy woman but with sexy shapely legs. Term used by men have an appreciation and fetish for the female body, clothed or naked. This definition originated years ago in the 30-40's. People like Clark Gable used it to describe Rita Hayward's legs. The word was used in many gangster movies with Edward G. Robinson, George Raft and others when looking at a sexy woman who showed her legs off.
" Hey baby, it's not the face they remember it's the gams."

"Did you see the gams on that babe when she walked by?"
by SeaPilot June 25, 2009
a leg, usually of a woman(often plural)
She displayed a rock solid gam.
by The Return of Light Joker February 03, 2008
A GAM is acronym for Gay Asian Male.
Rice queens and gammon form a symbiotic partnership.
by anonquick August 04, 2007
1920's slang for nice, beautiful, long legs
Taylor Swift got them gams. 👌😏
by KingKavaan May 04, 2015
G.A.M stands for Grown Ass Man.
Who the f*$#% are you?

-A G.A.M.

A what?

-A Grown ass man, now shut the f#$%# up.
by Mektah June 24, 2010
Abbreviated version of the Korean slang term, "Gam-doong-hee", which described a person of African descent. Carries a negative connotation.
"Yo, was it the white guy?"
"Nih, it was the Gam!"
by Durt November 14, 2006
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