A type of fish found in the Beata oceans. Very rare and probably illegal in most states. Not to be confused with trout or hake.
I want to go fish for some Gam
by Beata Kabiri January 02, 2009
get at me
cool kid 1 - dude, im bored.
cool kid 2 - man, me too, what are you doing later?
cool kid 1 - idk, but get at me! (gam)
by rum23 January 09, 2011
Gam is god damn in one word.
For if your to lazy to say the full two words or to use as an abbreviation.

Used alot by Samanthas and Lisas when drunk.
Gam he is hot!

Woah sam, look at that guy. I mean Gam!

Gam It, I hurt my foot.
by Lsiasma May 25, 2013
short for God Among Men
examples of G.A.M's include: Michael Vick(speed), Michael Jordan(hangtime), Adam Gilchrist(hitting power), Andrew Johns(ball-playing), Chris Judd(raw talent) and many more
by andrew osullivan October 02, 2006
short for gaming or playing videogames.

Wanna gam?>
by asdf66667878 February 11, 2012
To have sexual intercourse.
"Hows dis wahine?"

"Mean bah. I like fo' gam her"
by Uncle Kimo February 04, 2009
meaning cool, awesome, based on the clan (GaM) from Socom II (Gaaaaammmm)
You guys are sooooo Gam
by Arisjav January 21, 2009

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