Abbreviated version of the Korean slang term, "Gam-doong-hee", which described a person of African descent. Carries a negative connotation.
"Yo, was it the white guy?"
"Nih, it was the Gam!"
by Durt November 14, 2006
G - Greasy, A - Ass, M - Monkey. A person suggestive of grease in slickness or slipperiness. Seen mostly on human hair or skin. A person with G.A.M usually struggles to be included but is often avoided by fellow peers.
Omg!! Isn't that the guy derek in our science class?!! Hes such a G.A.M! HAHAHAHA!
by iRuNy April 29, 2005
1920's slang for nice, beautiful, long legs
Taylor Swift got them gams. 👌😏
by KingKavaan May 04, 2015
Was suppossed to stand for "Gods Among Men" until people started to say it was nerdy so it was officially changed to "Gay Ass Men"
Male 1: Should we keep our clan tag "Waza"?

Male 2: Nah, lets put "GAM"?

Male 1: What does "Gam" stand for?

Male 2: Gods Among Men...

Male 3: More like GAY ASS MEN!! lmao...
by KvElite November 02, 2011
Internet/SMS acronym for "Got A minute?"
personA: gam?
personB: yup. what's up?
by mystrim March 02, 2009
1. GAM is an acronym for G.irls A.bove M.e which came from the website Dear Girls Above Me which was started by a man named Charlie who lives beneath 2 annoying and idiotic girls whom he refers to as Clair and Cathy.
2. GAM can also be an acronym for G.rown which doesn't necessarily have to be used by someone above legal age. It is often used by assholes who are far from as tough as they say.
1. I ran into the GAM in the laundry room today.
2. "Shut up, I'm a GAM, you bitch!"
by GAM (definition 1) Fan January 04, 2013
get at me
cool kid 1 - dude, im bored.
cool kid 2 - man, me too, what are you doing later?
cool kid 1 - idk, but get at me! (gam)
by rum23 January 09, 2011

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