slang word for police, as popularised by UK grime artist JME
sorry i'm late bro, i got pulled over by the gammon. they thought i was a drug baron.

you best lay low for now, there's bare gammon out tonight
by JammyMaccers December 12, 2012
Top Definition
slang; pron - gah mohn
defines a false product,saying,act
mate thats a gammon car
you are gammomn (in answer to an incredulous statement)
thats gammon dude (observation of your work derogertory)
by ugunnapingmi June 14, 2003
In backgammon, a victory in which the winner of the game throws off all his or her pieces before the opponent throws off any.
person 2: Yeah, but I had sex in high school.
person 3: LOL DAMN.
by DvBennett November 02, 2006
A word to describe the finest bit of ass... (The female type)
Person A: "Yo dude, check out that Gammon over there!"

Person B: "Oh, hell yeah, wouldn't mind giving her a bit of my special seasoning!"
by thuggedout January 24, 2011
"Gammons!" OR "Check out her Gammons" OR "Nice Gams" (abbreviation) OR "serious chest hams"
by Aliensuns May 28, 2009
Secret code name for all minorities (the dark race) , so people can speak about them without them knowing.
Jordin: Hey Dean these gammons' make the lab smell like hair food!
Dean: *hehehe* Yeah..........and their bekke stink like kak,but their teeth are white though (confused).
by FuckFace2000 October 16, 2014
Term for female, indirectly refers to vagina also.
Could also be shortened to gam-gam, or simply gam. Can be described in many ways; such as "prime gammon", "moist gammon", "stale gammon" etc.
Could be used for when talking about females in general.
Being "on the pull" could also be described as "on the prowl for some gammon"
"Mate, did you get any gammon last night?"
"Yeah, but it was stale. Bad times"

"Shiiiiiiit! check out that prime gammon!"
"too right! I'm erect!"

"I haven't gotten my dick wet in ages, I fancy a bit of gam-gam on the go."
"Get out of my house"

"Any gammon coming to this party?"
"Nah mate, it's just a sausage-fest"
by ninepintsofmilk May 06, 2010
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