somethings wrong with u
oi mate ur a gammon
HAH look at his gammon leg
by Hart February 25, 2005
plural of gam (gay asian male)
Why is it that every time I come to this club, it's full of nannas and gammon?
by anonquick February 12, 2007
To have ones penis sucked....well.
"Go on, giz us a gammon,I've never ad one before"
by the nobguzzler May 21, 2005
A woman with a big vagina.
I wouldnt take her home man she's gammon.
by Bear January 23, 2003
Secret code name for all minorities (the dark race) , so people can speak about them without them knowing.
Jordin: Hey Dean these gammons' make the lab smell like hair food!
Dean: *hehehe* Yeah..........and their bekke stink like kak,but their teeth are white though (confused).
by FuckFace2000 October 16, 2014

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