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adj. Infectious disease, like AIDs, only more gay.
"Shut up, you have GAIDs!"
by Mark & Rob May 13, 2003
The term "GAIDs" was used by newspapers during the early stages of the AIDS outbreak. At the time, it was thought that only homosexuals (or 'gays') could get AIDS. GAIDS stood for "Gay acquired immune deficiency Syndrome".
Newspaper headline: "GAIDS Spreads Through California!"
by Fawkes August 21, 2004
To be fucked by a member of the same sex.
Timmy got gaid last night at the swinger's party; Sammy always had the hots for him.
by mephjeff January 21, 2009
To have AIDS does not mean you are gay, but if you are struck with the more severe strain GAIDS you better be careful. Gaids is indentical in nearly everyway to AIDS except to have Gaids requires you to be a homosexual.
Dam man I heard that heard that that kid has AIDS
Nah brother thats Phillip Elmasri he has Gaids.
... Heavy Days
by Heavy Days October 28, 2013
Aids that comes from gay people, can be passed through food that gay people have touched, through drinks, and through the touch of a gay person that lasts too long!!
Jaxon T. Sweet: Hey...can i have some of your sadwhich?
Diego: take this half...i didnt touch it yet
Jaxon: Thanks man! *takes bite*
Diego: I must inform you.....i touched that part!! X]
Jaxon: NOOOOOOOOO....i have Gaids! :'(
by Jaxon Sweet December 11, 2011
Aids obtained by way of gay sex or simply by being gay.
Dan got G.A.I.D.S from a rough trick named Jim.
Bo-z took a cock balls deep in the mouth, and got G.A.I.D.S. How homosexual of him!
by Craprockschicksworlds June 29, 2007
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