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25 definitions by snootch87

a secret jk that cancels out the first jk that you make so in the end, you're really not kidding.
person 1: do you think i'm ugly
person 2: yes
person 2: jkjk

but person 2 really thinks person 1 is ugly
by snootch87 March 07, 2005
the absolute love of my life.
I eat french fries for all 3 meals of the day.
by snootch87 March 01, 2005
when someone says, does, or makes something so awful, you give them an f-
person 1: did you like the buscuit i baked for you?
person 2: *eats biscuit, vomits a little in mouth* wtf no, f-

person 1: LOL OMG why did the chicken cross the road????
person 2: wtf don't bother going on with that joke, f-
by snootch87 March 03, 2005
l8 = late and the r is invisible. serves the same purpose as later would.
person 1: i gtg ttyl
person 2: l8
by snootch87 March 03, 2005
best borough in new york city, hands down.
kid from brooklyn - yo where u from
hot chick from queens - cop killa queenz, recognize, fool!
by snootch87 July 24, 2008
what you say when you want to say kthxbye but you don't want to be trendy
mike: kthxbi
me: kthxbi
emily: i hate kthxbi. it's soo trendy
mike: i use it a lot
emily: i know.
emily: alright i gtg. okay thank you goodbye
mike: what the fuck.
by snootch87 March 07, 2005
melissa(the one with herpes) will never offer you a pillow to sleep on at night, a blanket when you're freezing, a coughdrop when you're coughing your lungs out, a can of coke, a paper cup of sink water, a plate to eat, a napkin to wipe your face, her toilet, lipgloss, a rubberband, shoes if you're barefoot and there's broken glass eveywhere, and she won't let you even sit on the couch or turn on the tv. why? because everything belongs to frank.
me: melissa, can i use your house phone?
melissa: wtf no. frank pays for that, tanya.
me: well, can you atleast give me a quarter so i can use a payphone?
melissa: a quarter? have you gone insane? how is frank going to pay his bus fare for work tomorrow?
by snootch87 March 07, 2005