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Aids obtained by way of gay sex or simply by being gay.
Dan got G.A.I.D.S from a rough trick named Jim.
Bo-z took a cock balls deep in the mouth, and got G.A.I.D.S. How homosexual of him!
by Craprockschicksworlds June 29, 2007
When a homosexual person has aids
That man is gay and has aids, therefor he has gaids
by i are dumb November 12, 2011
A rare variant of the increasingly more common HIV virus.
Although many people believe that AIDS is bad, in fact some people can suffer from gaids, which is essentially, good AIDS.

People that suffer this condition are generally suicidal nymphomaniacs/pornstars/ho's.

"Its a surprise honey. Not a "It's your birthday surprise"... more like a "you have gAIDS" surprise"
by Good Aids & Co. December 01, 2006
When a man is "violated" by another man and is the "catcher" of such violation and gets a STD he has the gaids. No matter what disease, it is still gaids.
I fucked a man and got the gaids?!
by EnragedNomad September 21, 2008
pretty much self explanitory; gay-aids. so now there are three types of aids: regular aids, super aids, and gaids. oh, there's also the aids virus so i guess four. what a clean monkey-fucking world we live in!!!! ps. johnny did not make this up
Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words

fu urbandictionary. there's only one word to define this:

by snootch87 March 07, 2005
Freddie Mercury, n.
-Gay person with AIDs
That dude got tha GAIDs!
by freddiemurkem February 12, 2009
a disease that makes you gay, all gays have it. Gays pass it on to straight people the same ways aids can be passed on, turning them gay.
a gay man rapes a straight man passing on gaids, turning the victim gay.
by Joshy P April 26, 2007