1. A forum-based website where people who have no lives go to have even less of a life whilst basking in the illusion that they actually do. I log in every day *_*;;

2. The secret weapon of the gay agenda. This forum-based role-playing site is built on some sort of nanotechnological principle not yet understood by heterosexual science. While surfing this site, you are bomarded with some sort of gay radiation, "gaydiation," that wittles away at your heterosexuality.
"No, I'm sorry, I can't go out with you Suzie, I already have a boyriend on Gaia Online!" - Steve

"Let's get on our laptops and talk to each other on Gaia from across the room!"
by Thalassan June 04, 2005
Gaia Online used to be a fun online hangout with a nifty avatar system, but it's turning into a clone of Neopets slowly. The site releases a lot more merchandise and cash shop items than avatar clothing and site features now. There are 3 donation items ("monthly collectibles") each month instead of- 2 forcing people to buy one more envelope. The layout has been revamped to a weird, unprofessional looking one with a lot of blank space (and less pink, presumably to appeal to more people). There's far too much unfair bannings and far too little moderators (trolls can get away with anything and cheaters can get people banned as they please by sending them botted gold).
A: I have a Gaia Online account.
B: Do you buy their cash shop items each month? Only if you do you don't see the ads.
by Sh-sh February 14, 2007
what comes out on a phone with t9 when you try to text "haha"
John -"Gaia you just made a hilarious joke :) "

Sally -"What does gaia mean?"
by Tits or GTFO January 05, 2009
The god, or spirit of the earth.
by Cult Watcher February 19, 2003
Online roleplaying game. On Gaia, you can chat with people from around the word, play games, earn gold, and dress up your avatar.
Sorry, I can't talk right now, I'm on Gaia earning some gold. My username is Official Miss Bangladesh. Message me there.
by Official Miss Bangladesh August 27, 2009
An anime-type forum site given a bad name by people who only pay attention to the witless momma's boys who stay in their basement and download pictures of anime characters naked. The site itself is actually decent, and there are many good people there, but due to constant barraging of users unfairly biased towards people who probably have never even been to the site in the first place, it is constantly ridiculed. See the example for the difference between a mature and an immature gaian.
Random person: Omg, u go on gaia? U suck, u gay fag noob zomg y u go there?

Mature Gaia User: *has, by this point, ignored the person*

Immature Gaia user: no, u da fag noob.

by Captain Taylor ADHD September 07, 2008
An anime RP forum with a multitude of interesting features.
My name on GAIA is Timbuk!
by Du Rag April 28, 2005
A really stupid internet based game were people actually spend real money on get pixels. When they can post messages or vote.
I have an account on gaia.
Drop me a line DiseasedPanda
by DiseasedPanda March 21, 2007

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