sexy beast, amazing, loyal friend,fierce loyal,so beautiful!!incredibly smart
I mean, I don't walk around like i'm THE GAIA
by Stavi :) December 12, 2010
Name of the main character in the Fearless book series by author Frascine Pascal.
Gaia was born without the fear gene.
by Gaiafan February 05, 2010
The largest site on the web in which you will find women posing as men, mostly gay men, in order to expose and play out their fantasies of being one of their fabulous gay friends. This site causes women to also turn into lesbians and 95% of their users into grammar Nazis.
It's 'You're'..How old are you, 12? You also forgot the comma after the 'No'. Fucking noob.
by Schvitzel September 25, 2010
an awesome online anime-themed social networking and forums-based website. really fun except for all the hhorny teenagers and n00bs.
gaia rocks!

my username is Aquaniia
by amazingawesomecool July 06, 2010
An organization that promotes peace and aims to prevent hate.
The GAIA kids are pretty much awesome!
by kitkat17 October 31, 2010
Okay Gaia is of two. The Online roleplaying site mentioned above and it is also perfect. Gaia is the perfect world, or as it's named by christians, "Heaven" though they are both used in a underground religion, wich if I named would make me possible for advertising against the will of their god/goddess and publicating the religion. But gaia is better then Heaven as stated in the religion (I'll type it as the "R") Gaia is the world if the human harvests an amount of energy they will ive in gaia,..or perfectism, but heaven nor does hell exist in this religion.
I pleased the supreme being and I shall be rewarded with Gaia.
by Hiroyuki Fujita Kurusugawa November 19, 2006
The incorrect spelling of gaea.
"I guess that says something for the kids over at Gaia Online."
by Avelon August 11, 2005
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