A freakishly addicting game

Gaian= Member
Rock Puppy= Teh Cool
OMG! Were at you at the Gaian Ball last night?!
by Damayanti June 25, 2004
A weeaboo infested website crawling with trolls and immature 13 year olds. Totally void of intelligence and integrity, Gaia is a central hubcap for the bottom-feeders of the internet.

"laul i r t3h win cuz i visit gaia, any1 see da new pokemon epis0de??!?!?!?!"
by Owntage April 11, 2007
an anime role play site that kicks ass of all sites.
Users are given an avatar to dress and move to different forums with, where they can talk to other people from various places all aroung the world about many different subjects.
Beware n00bs and spammage... oh so wrong..
You can have your own username ( i am Child of the Dawn) and private message system.
i was on gaia today and was attacked by a n00b wielding badger spoon.
by Emmer June 01, 2004
A shit site for weeaboos and furfags.Stay the fuck away.
Otaku:Hai com see may henaatay collection
by Crackerjack28943rtueqe5 October 27, 2008
A place that immature people and idiots seem to spew disrespect towards all of the time. People hate this community, as some percentage of the users are furries, anthros, porn-addicts, homosexuals, or just plain odd. Some of these people can be really nice, but since most of the trash talkers are shut-minded racist bigots, you can't do much about it.
Shut-minded Racist Bigot: Oh, do you go on gaia? Oh, you're a faggot. Go get shot.

Sane Person: So you're a bigot? Oh, I think you should go to a bigot board. Nice halo on gaia, by the way.
by Blastrix December 06, 2009
A website in which children to adults whore themselves out for pixilated items and not real gold. This is done by
Did you see the Deviltails went up again, but the sashes stayed the same?
Yeah, fucked up shit.. since they're like the same item..
A website where you can whittle away what little reamins of you sanity and social life.
been there, still doing that, tried to quit..became a failure at quitting and am now addicted again

we all live in a techn geek world where leet speak, myspace and gaia online are the norm
by minorly-crazy March 07, 2009
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