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this nicest person in the whole entire world. she is always there for u wen u need her, and she is just soooo sweet. im lucky to have got to have known her
gagandeep is sooooo sweeett and has the most kindest face and heart eva.
by Priya March 15, 2005
this person does not get as much as he gives. this person finds true love with someone who does not feel the same way. at times these individuals can be very aggitating and annoying. They live in great fear of losing there self respect. there looks can be decieving. they are extremely stubborn and self absorbed...
back off gagandeep, just back off!
by mike February 28, 2005
My bestestttt frienddd who is one of da most understandingg pppz i kno, shes sooooo sweeet and always tries her best to make sure im happpy n i luv her for dat. me n gagz share so many jokez n get on so welll, hope we're best friendz for life gagz...and u priya. luv u bothhhh loads mwahzzz tc xxx
lol one of da most funnniest things about her is, u shudntttt fite with her. she gets violent lolll and to make fingz worse wen she wants to hit u back she'l grab ur most delicate areassss lollll hint hint.
by Lady Sovereign April 11, 2005
a person who is very fake someone who will be in true love but will not get love in return this person seems annoying and can get a little confusing
damn gagandeep lay off
by bhupinder February 28, 2005
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