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13 definitions by Priya

a person exhibiting excessive amounts of laughter, and happiness. One who is often teased for this reason and throws small fits while seeking for attention.
Oh Look! Its a Reshma...
by Priya April 14, 2004
tha best in the world
she is wicked.....as it is me...bla bla bla
by Priya March 19, 2005
u better watch out im here
uh oh bijal the sexy one is here
by priya May 03, 2004
this nicest person in the whole entire world. she is always there for u wen u need her, and she is just soooo sweet. im lucky to have got to have known her
gagandeep is sooooo sweeett and has the most kindest face and heart eva.
by Priya March 15, 2005
a really nice kid that has his "crazy" moments
wow that kid is so akash jaggi
by priya May 01, 2004
she is FINEEEE
HEMANI IS fineeee
by priya May 03, 2004
she is such a nice person and a wonderful m8. she will always b there wheneva u need her and she always anjoys a good day out. she is soo sweet n i will always b there for her as she is there for me.
remember that big fat blond girl who punched us both in yr 8. a tru sign of friendship
by Priya April 08, 2005