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the coolest person alive. shes awesome!
-whos your best friend?
-gaby of course!
-oh really shes awesome i love her more than anything in the world!
by gaby! duh January 06, 2005
Has a great personality,top of the line friend,one of a kind,and beautiful beyond belief.
Oh my, that girl is such a Gaby.
by onceagain March 14, 2009
the greatest person alive, a total babe and just an all around cool person, & has a nice booty. Every guy wants her. & every girl wants to be her. Definately the chillest person to walk the earth. Everyone loves a gaby!
Person 1: Dude did you see Gaby today?!
Person 2: Yea man, she was looking good!
Person 1: She always looks good.
Person 2: I would totally fuck her.
by stephanielauren569 November 29, 2009
Gaby is quite a popular name and the owner of the name is usually very smart,pretty and has a sense of innocence about them.
They make the best of friends and tend to get along with everyone because they only see the best in people.
Most Gaby's are gifted in the art/musical department and are destined for greatness.Gaby's also have GREAT taste in music.
'Who would you say's your best friend?'
'Its gotta be Gaby,she's so nice.....and she's great at EVERYTHING'

'She is,isn't she?' :)
by RAWR.ItsCody. September 19, 2010
A mythical Mexican beast. EXTREMELY dangerous when hungry.
Don't bring tacos near the Gaby, it will attack you.
by Greekism February 08, 2010
one of the best people you'll meet in your lifetime. Gaby's always have great personalities.
Your a total gaby!!
by reject130 March 12, 2010
the most coolest girl ever she will rock your socks if you date this girl she will be shy at first but theres a sex goddess underneath her..but shes also not the clingy type more of the free spirit,simple.breezy,carefree,type of girl shes not careless and she has a big heart she doesn't take things up the ass either shes very simple and shes an amazing spontaneous person who could serve all your needs equally...
Guy:Man gaby was an amazing girl..remind me why I broke up with her Friend:Dont ask me-oh wait isnt that her-man there's a bunch of guys following her around-hey she looks good...
by RandomGirl<3! April 13, 2010
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