1.A person with a fishy smell, 2.a hoe, 3. Selfish beetch
The smell is to strong! It reminds me of gaby!
by That.Mexican.13 March 21, 2016
a type of dominican gerbil bred in miami dade college. the are distinguished by their colorful yellow streak in their hair. be aware they have the ability to chew through various metals. they have been known to chew thru elevator doors.
yesterday i caught a gaby chewing my car door.
by mistah wheelz December 08, 2010
A person who enslaved people and is often feared by individuals
Don't get Gaby mad or she will enslave you
by Ljndrvrgs February 10, 2010
gaby is a try hard. she try's to be friends with everyone.. she's fake asf
gaby is fake asf, I can't believe she bought her instagram followers
by gaaby March 20, 2014
guy 1- dude u want to go out with gaby dude

guy 2- nah brah just sex cause shes a whore
by SaltySalvo June 30, 2012
Likes to masturbate repeatedly. All day and all night long.
She has a club called magic fingers. Because she fingers herself all the time. She is a shemale.
See masturbation. Gaby.
by babablacksheep101 March 25, 2010
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