She is pure beauty, a person who you really feel as if love at first sight is real. She is pure perfection, and definitely a person who only comes in your dreams. She is her own person all of the time, she has the most amazing personality in the universe. For all we know she is the next miss Universe. She is pure beauty.
dude, did you see Gaby?
I want her.
by person mcmanson September 16, 2011
A very confident girl personality wise but looks wise no confidence at all, very sensitive but beautiful has an amazing smile has very dull moments but its a good thing shes beautiful but tends to push people away just for a friend
boy 1:did you hear what gaby did to bob she blew him off to go out with her friend shes beautiful!
boy 2:friendship comes first for her
by abbieeeee November 03, 2012
A Gaby is the most awesome person ever!! She is a great girlfriend and beast at video games, mostly COD. And is a real badass! She's the type of girl guys dream of. She's hilarious and is an awesome kisser, and can be a bitch. She definetly someone you wouldn't want to screw with. She loves music and is really hot. And she waits for no man.
Friend: Man, did you see that Gaby?
Guy: she's my dream girl! Imma get me some Gaby!

Friend: better get her fast cause she's gonna be gone.
by Bacon consopholis February 26, 2013
The sexiest bitch eva!! the best friend you'll ever have! She has a lot of mexicans in her house, and they like to name you Turkey Turkey Turkey Rainbow House. has awesome hair
Gaby is a goddess
by RONKADONK May 26, 2013
somebody who loves her friends and the world! she expresses her love and everybody loves her back!!!! <3 everyone wants to be her and all the guys want her!! shes an amazing persin and she loves jacob W.
"i love you alot jacob"

"Omg u just pulled a gaby!"
by happygolucky! February 21, 2012
Gaby is someone so different from everyone else. She probably insecure about who she is but everyone knows how pretty and amazing she is. That bitch can move and she don't care. She too funny and is just overall happy but has her moods. She's awesome.
Girl: damn look at them moves. She don't care I share let me be her
Girl 2: who Gaby? Yeah that girl just too good to be true
Gaby: please come over I don't wanna do this alone
by Iwishiknewwhoiwas August 03, 2016
GABies is the name of a recent post-post-modern art movement formed entirely online. The movement stems from a desire to disrupt the natural flow of information exchange between people exhibiting personal falsehoods. The collective has produced an album; GMSN, an underground radio station; KGAB, and several loafs of bread.
The other day I was listening to GABies Make Strange Noises and it totally blew my mind.
by Zohn February 07, 2006
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