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Classy motherfucker. Definitely a keeper. Displaying genuine, selfless affection for those in his life, Gabe is an integrated and fucking hot-ass guy...not just hot, but also social enough to make a mark anywhere. He loves to wear shades and can rock various clothes and always puts others before himself. Gabes are usually athletic and ethical, meaning, you don't want to fuck around with one because they can always justify themselves when you think against them. They may be seen with several friends, but they preferably favor walks with less people compared to being a vegetable in a garden. Gabes are always forgiving and take heat for your mistakes. Don't take advantage of that though, because you know damn well that they are almost always right. If you have a boyfriend that is a Gabe, be proud of him because he takes pride in you. He is honest, truthful, respectful, and unique.
Ratchet #1: OMFG did you see that girl with Gabe?!
Ratchet #2: Yeah, she's so damn lucky! Gabe's never had a gf before, omg...and yet he looks like he's had several! And now he's with her?
Gabe: (Looks their way and smiles with his arm around girlfriend)
Girlfriend: He's mine bitches.
by TheRealJim September 07, 2012
17 2
Extreme Awesomeness. Especially when concerned with Rowing and Crew.
Also can be used when describing ones greatness at life.
Geez that amazing person is a Gabe.

Geez I wish everyone loved me like they do all the Gabes.
by The Crew Gods January 02, 2005
1480 893
upfront sometimes mean. he changes moods very fast it is usually hard for people like Gabe to open up. Gabe's usually are big flirts and tend to just think for the moment but not for the future. Gabe's are very smart and are sweet kind hearted people. they are moody at times and get irritated very easily. they have a hard time trusting people and they find it hard to date for long periods of time and stay in a committed relationship. they tend to be more on the sweet side but only when they want to be they care for others more than their selves. gabe's are hard workers they are tall and cute most of the time. Gabes are very unique and are smart and never give up. they are strong hearted and love to flirt and love girls they are very good with the girls.people with they name gabe are funny and very hyper and love to be in physical activity.(they have big dicks!)
gabe's are usually tall,cute, funny, nice everything a girl wants
by candyypie April 26, 2011
605 259
1. Noun The most moderate person alive. Moderately fast, tall, attractive and smart. Has the largest non-celebrity fanclub in existance.

2. Verb The act of divorcing somebody as soon as legally possible.

3. Adjective Extremely attractive.
1. Gabe went to the lunchroom and half the people there noticed him.

2. So when John got all the money he could off Susan, he Gabed and ran off.

3. And so when the tall, Gabe, handsome Jack stodd up, the lady knew that he was the one.
by Tofurky December 14, 2004
922 617
the coolest something can be
yo homes, that new wu-tang cd is GABE man!
by DJ sensi May 22, 2006
700 439
Gabe, short for Gabriel, angel of god and harbringer of divine light upon the crumpled masses.
And as Gabe descended upon the waterpolo game god said to him "Los Altos shall win" and it was so.
by Gabe S May 25, 2005
509 344
Used as a noun or verb; to pwn immensely, to pretty much be the ultimate.
Holy crap I just Gabed up an 80-0 in Dust2

Charles Bronson is a real Gabe and a half.
by Jealentus October 09, 2006
429 311
Gabe can be a verb a noun or even an adjective. If used a noun it is always somebody who is cool, sometimes a little off their knocker though. Moderately funny, though there are always funnier, and decently handsome. When used as a verb it means to be amazing, to pretty much master all that you do, other than sports. If an adjective, it could be used to describe some cool, funny, or odd. Usually used to describe odd or weird things.
Gabe is so cool, how does he know all that stuff?
If I was gonna get a boyfriend I'd make sure he was pretty Gabe.
Okaay, yeah thats a little too Gabe for me.
by JJC & Micky May 13, 2008
320 226