Name of a famous greek warrior featured in the movie Ben Hur. A name that can be used to describe someone as a cool, smart, sophisticated, funny, adventurous, mexican. Or it can be used as a phrase yelled at the top of your lungs: GABEE!!!!! It can also be exaggerated with a change in voice describing a certain liking to something: Gabbbbbeeeee. Lastly, it can be used as code for something good..ex's: booze, boobs, or anything else that needs to be coded.
Joel: Hey you guys wanna get Gabe-d this weekend!?!
Austin: Sure i'll get the gin!
John: I'll get the juice!
Billy: I'll get the mud wrestling pit!
Gary: I'll get the smores!
Sam : I'll get the cheeba!
Mike: I'll get the boobs!
Jake: I'll get dos equis!
Brandon: I'll bring my spanker with me!

These fellas are showing how they are going to party hard, while to the parents having absolutley no idea due to the word 'Gabe'.
by thoms245 July 21, 2011
Gabe is someone who is extremely attractive but knows it, so he's cocky about it. Great with the looks, not with the books... Thinks with both heads only halfway and knows how to do everything. He will knock you out if you correct him or sell his loved ones pot. Stubborn, needy, Can't spell and drives like a grandma. Sexy mother f*cker though
Why are you so gabe?
-I was born this way baby. My presence is a blessing
by Gjk October 15, 2015
A gay babe. Gay boy who you would identify as a total babe.
Hanging with my gabes! #Pride

Check out that gabe. I would do bad things to that boy.
Matthew Bomer is such a gabe.
by Kate Catch Me June 29, 2015
A really boring guy, with no real sense of humor, complete fag. He is too self entitled and wastes everyones time .
Have u seen gabe?
Yeah, what an ass ugh!
by kevin latifian June 19, 2015
Some very sexy grade seven kid, he is the ruler of your school.
Gabe:Oh my
by Dakota.I March 21, 2008
A short whiny annoying kid. Often followed by Krinkelstein (with a backwards K).
Damn, Gabes! You are such a short whiny annoying kid! Often followed by Krinkelstein, too (with a backwards K)!
by Gabes Krinkelstein May 04, 2005
a mean, and disgusting idiot who hates and bullies everyone. Flirts with every girl, cheats, lies, is a teachers pet. Everyone loves Gabe, even though he's a total dick.
Can you belive Gabe said I sent him nudes!?"

"He's a dick I can picture him doing that"
by Bellathrown December 10, 2014
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