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Long form: Gabriel.

A name given to guys by douchey religious parents. Generally causes said guys to go about their lives being tools and generally fucking things up. Other symptoms may include having no friends, being beaten up all the time, and having a small penis.

Similar to how chicks named Bertha will always be hugely fat.
Man, that Gabe kid is a total fuck up. What were his parents thinking when they named him that?
by hasdfkhakshdfklahsdkalhf May 29, 2011
Some very sexy grade seven kid, he is the ruler of your school.
Gabe:Oh my
by Dakota.I March 21, 2008
He normally believes himself to be a "mexican stud muffin" and often is the most dramatic boy you will ever meet. He thinks he can get any girl he wishes while he really cannot. Often likes to tell people he is always leaving town in a dramatic way ending with him always staying.
Oh wow that is such a Gabe thing to say
by The Awesomes 2x June 22, 2011
The douchebag that everyone seems to like anyways. And even though he's not remotely attractive, he knows more girls than most other guys. But doesn't date them. Guys who don't know him that well like him. But then they get to know him and they hate him. Then they start to not be friends with him very much anymore, and start to like him again. And so there exists a vicious cycle.
Yo, I really hate that guys, and I don't want to be friends with him anymore. Even though I said I loved him a week ago. And how does he get some much women? He's such a Gabe.
by A Reliable Source for you May 24, 2009
He sucks weiner and has blonde hair usually playing dead rising for some bad ass kid but usually sucking weiner
Dude that guy gabe is a great multitasker i saw him playing dead rising while sucking a weiner at the same time.
by PIMPDADDYWOHOO July 30, 2012
A fat ugly Mexican that has NO life and is a pot head.
HEY, look at that Gabe over there! He sooooooooo ugly, never going to get married or have Mexican babies
by Shannaynay6969 October 10, 2011
Babe Ruth's gay brother
You look like Babe Ruth's gay brother, Gabe Ruth.
by wethrewaparty23 July 08, 2011