A very comfortable form of a thong, revealing more than a thong. Often just a string sewn to a triangle in the front stuck up someones butt.
My g-string is nice, no pantie lines and the guys love it.
by cheerforlife July 01, 2006
Top Definition
A form of underwear for women. Risky in the sense that some women who wear it shouldn't. Consists of an ass string and a very thin frontal portion. Worn on the right women, it is extremely sexy.
Look at that ho, she's wearing a g-string. god damn! Ass floss! Yay!
by Beowulf June 26, 2003
form of female undergarment/panties whereby the rear fabric is replaced with spaghetti string to reduce visible panty lines, and give the impression under a skirt or dress that the female is not wearing panties at all. Recently worn as bikini bottoms as exterior clothing. So named because tension on the spaghetti strap seems to be in a position to stimulate the female Graffenberg spot, aka G-spot.
Sure, the g-string on that girl shows off her ass, but look over here...gotta love a girl with guts enough to wear granny panties out to the beach.
by 1337 d00d July 01, 2005
Similar to a thong but exposes much more. G-strings, like thongs, are very beautiful pieces of clothing, especially for lovely females. ^-^
"I like hotties in thongs, but G-strings are incredibly sexy. ^-^ "
by Dave April 23, 2004
A string on a guitar. Not to be confused with the E-String, A-String, D-String, B-String or High E-String
Just twang the G-String!!
by kymcleod October 12, 2003
Underwear in which the rear portion is a string worn between the butt cheeks, providing minimal coverage, maximum ass exposure.
It should be a crime to manufacture G-strings larger than size 8.
by Potem February 15, 2003
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