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gossip or personal information belonging to someone else; the scoop; news
Spill the tea about what happened at the club.
by Kiwi September 22, 2003
fanny floss. should only be worn on women with ASS. *see picture above*
That g string is the reason why flat ass and thongs do NOT go together
by Kiwi February 14, 2005
To kill yourself/commit suicide.
Didn't you hear? He caught the bus last weekend...he slit his wrists.
by Kiwi April 21, 2004
Violinist for pop-punk band Yellowcard. He gives a great onstage performance, with flipping, singing, and playing. He was never in a rock band before YC, but he was in the orchestra, and damn proud of it. He is also the Gigglemaster
Sean Mackin is a damn good violinist, and giggles when hyper. Yes, he giggles.
by Kiwi June 25, 2004
what you damn aussies call thongs!
by kiwi March 25, 2003
An old town in Maryland pretty much the same as Eburg. The school in Sykesville, known as Sykesville Middle is crap and located near the towns mental facility and prison.
Person 1:ahhh another coad red! I hate our school!

Person 2: someone probually escaped from the jail again...
by kiwi March 24, 2005
Drummer for pop-punk band Yellowcard. He always looks tired, and is a hella rad drummer.
Longineu Parsons...oh, the kid with dreadlocks? Oh yeah.
by Kiwi June 27, 2004
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