3rd string on a guitar, and it is the 1st on a bass guitar
"My g string is out of tune."

"Hey babe can you come over and tighten my g string?"
"No I can't because its stuck in my vagina!"

"Do you want to lick my G sting?"
by Fredric S. October 09, 2005
it could be a short term for"gamma string"."gamma" is known as a letter of the greek alphabet which looks like a "y".this "y" shape looks like this sexy underwear. perhaps, the word"gamma string" was shortened to "g string" because it lacks slanguistic taste.
Damn it!she looks sexy on that g string.
by Jay shay December 17, 2005
The lowest sounding string on a violin.The center of many inside jokes in a high school strings class.
"Teacher!I'm plucking my G-String!"
by FuuuuuuuunyFucker May 06, 2009
The third string on a standard six or seven string guitar.
Guy 1: Man I saw this girl wearing nothing but a g string.
Guy 2: What the fuck, dude?
by Fuckyourmother December 31, 2005
another term used for "BUTT-FLOSS"
The g string is a piece of clothing that is shoved/suffacated inbetween ass cheeks.
by boogah March 20, 2006
The first lowest string on a violin
The second lowest string on a viola
The second lowest string on a cello
The first highest string on a double bass
and a type of wedgie panties
Sarah: Man... my peg for my g string keeps slipping I hate it
Emily: What you have a peg on your underwear?
Sarah: No... Not that type of g string!
by bobkielviol March 12, 2009
1. Third string on an acoustic/electric guitar.

2. Thong worn by most prostituites, exotic dancers and women who love to get yeast infections and the hemroid's.

3. Another term to discribe Thug, hommie, ect.

4. Possable explanation of another theory.
You: Come on baby let me see you pop that "G" for me. I need to get my nuts off.

Me: The only G String you'll ever see pop on this pie, is the third. I'm Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm not a G and I don't wear them. Love the sound it makes though.

You: Why are you being so hard.

Me: I'm reaching my own climax threw melody. Lets possabaly D, C, stroke A, without thinking about your cock for once, K? I'm incouraging beautiful thing's to hear, feel, and vibe with, besides under carrages and what's nots your interested in chick's putting on display.
by Wlfdg*<3'sth3realSide November 28, 2009

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