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My ex-girlfriend (see also bitch)
Fuck that bitch, she's a Bitchy McBitcherson
#bitch #whore #slut #cunt #did i mention bitch?
by Fuckyourmother December 29, 2005
The third string on a standard six or seven string guitar.
Guy 1: Man I saw this girl wearing nothing but a g string.
Guy 2: What the fuck, dude?
#e #b #g #d #a
by Fuckyourmother December 31, 2005
<--- Fuck this motha fuckin' shit
Me: Fuck all this, they're putting ads everywhere.
Other guy: No shit, they've even got 'em on urbandictionary.com
Me: Ain't that about a bitch. Man ads suck by balls.
#ads #advert #advertisement #exploitation #cockery
by Fuckyourmother December 30, 2005
This is possibly the most amazing yet terrifying sexual manuver in the history of mankind. The Double DP is a combination of double penetration and donkey punch. The standard double penetration is carried out as normal, until the moment just before climax when both males punch their female partner in the head at the same time.

This would probably be considered sexual assault and would technically be illegal in most states. Be prepared for the consequences (most likely a kick in the tesaticles)... or run away while she's unconcious.
Sly Rick: Yo, me an' Dirty Dan were takin' on this chick, we had her locked in from both ends.

Dirty Dan: Hell yeah, then we busted the Double DP. Boom!
#double penetration #donkey punch #dp #sex #chinese fingercuffs
by Fuckyourmother January 02, 2006
Sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do.
That nigga was actin' a bitch, so I hadda bitch slap his ass.
#slap #backhand #pimpslap #biatch #don't make me take off my belt
by Fuckyourmother January 01, 2006
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