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To test someones G or Gangsta. To ensure they are indeed the gangsta they are presenting themself as. Often seen as highly disrespectful.
He was across the street frontin like a boss and shit. So i went ova there and g checked him. Hommie got real humble.
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by Mossberg July 10, 2006
When someone of a gang approaches someone who he thinks is a memeber of the same gang, he will ask him to state his name, rank, set, and OG.
short for ganster check, or checking someones "gangster"
I had to G-check that nigga over there, he was tryin to act like he was down.
by Keith December 03, 2004
a system where a gang member will test anothers gang members knowledge of the gang codes in a disrespectful manor.
this nigga just tried to G-check me, i know my shit.
#g-check #g-test #ignorence #loyality #blood
by scareface April 30, 2008
When you check if a lil nigga real or false flaggin'
Real Nigga No. 1 - Mane that lil nigga swear he bang 74

Real Nigga No. 2 - Time for a G Check
#gangsta #nigga #false flaggin #g check #real nigga
by RealAssNigga December 21, 2010
The art of keeping someone in line by proving your own dominance in any aspect of life
You just see Tiles G' Check Mucci's queer ass when he grabbed his beer during the hockey game?
#punk #g-up #thug-a-cate #disrespect #clown'ed
by CK ho11erable September 03, 2008
When you question one's true G-status.
A G-Check can be a direct contradiction of what one person says because another believes that the speaker is not G enough for their statement to be valid. A G check can be reversed if the origional speaker performs said G check issued by the second person. A G-Check can never be a one sided statement there must always be a claim before the check.
(Andy and Joe enter bar)
(hood rat passes)

-Andy: daum yo that bitch is fine imma hit that tonight. (starter statement)
-Joe: nigga please you got no chance (G-check)
- Andy procedes to hit that all night long and then brags to Joe about it, which is the G-Check turnaround.
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by andyisown August 15, 2008
When you use Google to check for facts or the answer to a question.
How do you know that answer is right?
I Gchecked it.

Angie Gchecked all the answers to last night's homework.
#google #check #fact check #gcheck #gogle
by Superiormirage April 11, 2011
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