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To test someones G or Gangsta. To ensure they are indeed the gangsta they are presenting themself as. Often seen as highly disrespectful.
He was across the street frontin like a boss and shit. So i went ova there and g checked him. Hommie got real humble.
by Mossberg July 10, 2006
Is a mentor for young neighborhood kids. Often affiliated with gang activity a {big hommie} is most commonly a general in the overall gang hierarchy and frequently has Y-G's under him. Also see O-G
Big hommie said leave him be. He got a pass for now.
by Mossberg July 10, 2006
One who lays major wood. One who excells in the exquisite art of delivering the wood to females. Skillz would be far superior to those of regular men.
After sex female exclaims: " dam boy... U a lumberjack! I'm gonna go make u a sandwhich!"
by Mossberg July 07, 2006
A female who excells in the art of giving top. One who is exceptional in delivering fellatio.
Im bout to call my top model ova.
by Mossberg July 11, 2006

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