Un-trimmed hair around the vagina.
"Have u got fuzz? Cos if you have i am not gonna give u some tongue love!"
by Jonny Weldon March 03, 2004
Something that develops on a food object that has been left out for around 1-2 weeks
Dude, get rid of that sandwich! Give it a shave! Get it a barber! JUST DO SOMETHING! It's got more fuzz than... umm...
by Cruller March 15, 2003
A BCC student who is desperately trying to get a girl and watches more anime than the Japs themselves.
Guy: Fuzz, can I bum a cig?
Fuzz: Sure. OMGx0rz! The latest episode of Death Note was amazing!
by '48*56 September 26, 2007
Ex bassist from Disturbed. He left the band because his personality differences that he has with the other band members. I think that he shouldnt of left, he was the best. David (vocals) said on the M.O.L. DVD that he was the final part of the equation, that he completed the band, and they all went together. Then like 2 years after, he leaves. Sucks so much!!
Person A: "Sucks that Fuzz left Disturbed, aye!"

Person B: "I know, he was a kick ass bassist!!"
by Daniel Harvey May 31, 2005
The band Disturbed's bassist.
Fuzz is playin' tonight
by Medos!@#$ November 07, 2003
To be precise..Leiutenant Fuzz..the coolest asian camp counsler that plays *manly* volley ball and has only 3 pairs of bathingsuits from old navy. He is cool. Period. i mean what is there more to say? Period...hes a cool asian...all asians are cool..**HIS NAME ORIGNINATED FROM HIS HAIR! on his HEAD! it was short cut...and now...sadly..it has become a bush
Maya: Fuzz!
Lt. Fuzz: just played some maaaaaajor volleyball
Maya: chaa fuzz...hows ur hair man?
Lt.Fuzz:sadly...it is fuzz no more...it is now...more like.. a bush
by Maya March 21, 2005
One hell of a cool Asian!
Cam:Wow Fuzz, where'd you get your hair cut?
Fuzz:Umm, DUH! My bathroom! My barber lives there!!!!
by Cameron Jackson January 04, 2005

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