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A substitution for fuck. To be used when around parents and also very funny when you are high or drunk
I got so fuzzed up last night
by HDTP August 01, 2006
5 11
The Halo plasma Pistol also known as the fuzz
I Fuzzed the Terminater
by PshycoBeach March 02, 2010
0 7
the crud found in your belly button
ahhh dude, clean out your belly button, theres tons of fuzz in there!
by ishajdbejdkjr May 19, 2006
17 24
Abbreviated form of the name Farah.

> Yo Fuzz! Lookin damn hot in yo profile pic!

> Fuzz!! Where's my mutha f#$kin dinner biatch!!

> Where you goin Fuzz?
by brothersaka August 23, 2008
1 12
A word usually used by teenagers to warn each other that an adult of teacher is by them so they aren't caught cussing or talking unappropriately.
guy 1. Dude i fuckin took my shotgun and shoved it down that bitches throat.

(teacher walks up from behind)

guy 2. FUZZ!

guy 1. (starts whistling looking around)

by jstrieb September 30, 2008
0 14
a good hangman word. no one can guess it
becca sucks at the word fuzz
by Adam2 May 13, 2005
18 32
Un-trimmed hair around the vagina.
"Have u got fuzz? Cos if you have i am not gonna give u some tongue love!"
by Jonny Weldon March 03, 2004
13 28