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Anyone with this name is immediately qualified under the category of insanely awesome.
Heinrichs naturally have a great sense of humor and are very supportive and cheerful. They are also amazingly creative and talented. Heinrichs tend to love video games, movies, reading, and music like Coldplay. They are the modern-day philosopher, a great thinker of their kind.

Heinrichs are your best and most trustworthy friend.

They can be identified by their kind words that come straight from their noble hearts, lovely green eyes, and an adorable boyish smile.
Everyone should have a Heinrich!!
by Quincchilla June 06, 2009
means the same thing as shit or poop
After eating those beans, I had to take a massive Heinrich.
by PantherModerns June 11, 2009
a harsh method of describing someone. a heinrich is a litte nazi asshole who will stab you in the back and sell you out. derieved from heinrich himmler, propogater of the holocaust
you're such a heinrich

oi heinrich, sold anyone out today

seen any snipers lately heinrich?
by rolandofdenmark October 04, 2007
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