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heavy wool sweaters
many people in Seattle wear fuzz
by JohnnyLurg August 19, 2011
police, people who try to arrest you
Used in the book the outsiders.


The guy raped the girl and was being hunted by the fuzz.
by xXLiNATXx February 12, 2008
Police Officers. Cops, coppers, po-po, pigs. I don't know but possibly people started saying it because they stuck to you like fuzz. But that's just my theory. yeah.
dude, ditch the goods, the fuzz look like they're coming this way...
by Kobren June 16, 2006
Law Enforcement Officers.
Slow down a little bit you've got the fuzz hot on our trail.
by J.T. Thor March 12, 2014
douchebags with horrible hygiene. those who do not brush their teeth frequently, do not clean themselves properly, if they're male then tend to have smegma (cheese like substance on their testicles) or just need a nice long shower with extra soap!
"Did you see the fuzz on that guys teeth? I couldn't stand looking at it!"

"Hey man, check out that fuzz over there, that's nasty!"
by fuzzfree! November 21, 2012
means a cop or the police
fuzz up ahead on left with speed trap
by anayguy March 07, 2011
a) Noun. To get one's Gaschploogenheisen on. Refer also to www.thefuzz.com.au.
b) slang for police, pubic hair, and fun times
c) an internet radio station based in Australia
I'm so Gaschploogenheisen about my fuzz, I just hope the fuzz doesn't find out!
by DJmarto July 23, 2010