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Girl with style, synonym for foxy
OMG!!! That skirt is so Lexy!!


You Look so lexy in those pants I just want to do you right now
by alix October 21, 2003
So-called Music Television that has become somewhat diluted by weird ass reality shows (That at first seemed hip, see first season of Real World and then became RETARDED.)and Carson Dailly. They are given great amounts of credit for introducing the world to Serena Altschul, the way to hot, way to intelligent Mtv News Anchor...who is now safely with CNN.
See Bisexual
by alix January 21, 2004
Kinky Fox Sex (can also be abreviated kfs)
How is that possible? With Costumes! (But they don't stay on very long)
Dude Leland is so hot I wanna have kinky fox sex with him!
by Alix February 23, 2005
Guy Prep:

Body: Thin, can be a little pale

Clothes: khakis, polos, oxfords, converse

Hair: natural.

Music: hippy music

Activities: sports, (lacrosse), parties, alcohol for some

Girl Prep:

Body: skinny, freckles

Clothes: lily pulitzer sweaters, polos and skirts, ralph lauren khakis and polos with the collar up, oxfords, brooks brothers polos, ribbon belts, eliza b flip flops

Hair: Long and straight, ribbons and bows

Music: Whatever the guys around them listen to.

Activities: shopping, going to parties

Family: Stuck up, rich parents who are blissfully unaware of their children's activites. waspy parents

Intelligence: usually smart, go to boarding or private schools
Vivian looked so preppy with her pink ralph lauren polo with the collar up and her sorority pearl necklace.
by Alix May 25, 2004
A word to use in the place of any cussword.
Fuzz you
You fuzzing suck
Go fuzz a duck
Go fuzz yourself
You motherfuzzer
by Alix March 06, 2005
Someone who sings through their nose in a constipated way and also a poser
My name is avril, do you like my voice? 'AHHaHAhAhAhahaha'
by Alix April 18, 2004

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