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Disproportionately large and heavy buttocks.
Look at the futtocks on Russell. They make his head look really tiny.
by bernardhodesmond October 17, 2008
fut-tock. (n.) - An extremely hairy pubic region located on the female mons veneris, extending past the genitalia to the anus and buttocks.
Ben has a futtock, and it's really futtocky.
by Frank Sinatrass August 10, 2007
The concrete balls which are placed on the top of gateposts.
One of my futtocks has dropped off!
by Crash Raindog January 13, 2004
An iritating person or fool, sounds rude but isn't. which Jake replied "Shut the hell up you stupid futtock!"
by andyrew b July 19, 2006
the act of dropping ones balls on someones head
did u see that guy dropped his balls on ellies head..hes a real futtocks
by oww shiiii December 12, 2010
1) Any part of the body you are referring to.
2) A lazy or silly person whom you wish to motivate into action
3) A coarse expression of annoyance
1) Get off your futtocks!
2) Shut up ya futtock (best said with a northern accent)
3) 'Oh futtocks!'
by Rosie and Briony May 13, 2006

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