another word for fucker..a very annoying individual..likes to mooch off of other people..likes to stare at ppl when their extremely creepy looks..wears shirts that are too small ..crack is always hanging out..very unintelligent..puts hot sauce on their chicken alfredo! a total whore..tells everyone DETAILS of their sex life...disgusting
things fuskers say-"you SHOULD give me that" "you SHOULD do this" 'are you gunna eat that?
by funnyChik April 22, 2011
Top Definition
The act of iteratively accessing (pornographic) photographs using automated technologies.
Noticing that the photographs on the website were numbered, Ned decided to fusker them.
by xsg October 10, 2004
To hotlink images or videos and steal the sites bandwidth. Usually used on sites targetted at under 18 year olds who want free pornography.
Lets fusker this image gallery!
by BackToMine January 14, 2005
to extract pornographic images from a website through an image extracting application/
Wow...I really need to fusker this girl on photobucket because i'm a pedophile.
by Andrew Dobrow November 16, 2006
it DOES have a meaning... I'm just not entirely sure what it is yet. Something to do with porn, possibly.
Fusker wasn't just made up for
fusker is real.
by hazhar August 26, 2004
a word from Real Life comics that has no real meaning...

by Murt August 24, 2004
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