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1 (n): A hyperlink to a media file (video, audio, Flash, image, etc.) on another site that bypasses any html pages that would identify the site or earn it advertising revenue. Prohibited on many message boards and blogs, as it saps bandwidth from the site serving the media and earns the ire of the site's owners.

2 (v): To post a hotlink.
Hotlinking is not only bad netiquette, it's theft.
by arteitle May 29, 2005
An active hyperlink to a media file on another site that is active in the page it is used in without using the home sites HTML code.

Hot linking is prohibited on many message boards and blogs as it saps bandwidth from the home site serving the media file(s). It's illegality has yet to be tested.

In some instances hot linking is encouraged due to it's ability to draw eyes to the home site.
Robert was banned from a political discussion board when an image he posted was discovered to be a hotlink.
by BobTheSubGenius November 01, 2005
1. (n): The connection of one woman's vagina, to another woman's vagina by a previously microwaved double ended dildo.

2. (v): The process of two women connecting via a previously microwaved double ended dildo.
1. She had to visit the doctor because she burned her vag during a hotlink last night.
2. Dayum, I'd like to watch those two hotties hotlink!
by tittytwister69 June 03, 2014
Term used by the computer-illiterate to describe a hyperlink. The usual culprits are those who setup internet messageboards without any IT knowledge and begin to use this other, meaningless word. Their most heinous crime is when they impose this new word and practically force everyone else to speak their illiterate language.

It's actual meaning is to directly link to an image or object from another website, which isn't the same at all.
"Don't post hotlinks here"
"No hotlinking"

or conversations such as:

A:"No hotlinking"
B:"What's a hotlink?"
A:"You linked to another page"
B:"You mean Hyperlink?"
A:"No - hotlink"
B:"I posted a link to another page - that's not a hotlink!"
A: "Erm...Umm... This is my website! You're Banned!!"
by Righteous Martinus April 24, 2005
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