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The scent emanating from the vagina of an overweight, middle aged woman.
(Person 1) Holy shit, what's that smell?

(Person 2) That's Kelly's fusk, man.
by AD_SoDope December 31, 2010
Identifying a range of images to a fusker script that returns a web page that displays all of the images within the range. This is especially useful for downloading numerous pornographic images quickly.
Fusking is a great way to get porn.
by Kefin January 18, 2007
The sticky deposits found on ones lips after waking up in a morning after a long sleep. It is the mouths equivalent of 'sleep'.
Yuck, there's fusk all around the rim of this cup.
by Galacticness July 25, 2010
Verb: To fuck with a dildo made from elephant tusk.
Tara: oh my, dumbo's tusk would make a great didlo...
Erica: yeah, i would love to fusk that!!
by Billious of arangor August 13, 2011
A funky, musky smell when something is not clean esp. a penis.
Chicks won't go down on him because he is fusky.
by veruus September 04, 2003
sounds like fuck. often mistaken for the "f-bomb".
What the fusk is this?! Abb hole!! abb hole
by cassarole May 12, 2006
Fusk: See Sex. Fusk is another word for Fuck or derogitory sex.
Ryan, you're a fusking moron if you think you can get my cheetos
by Netami March 25, 2003