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A word that describes the natural, sweaty, feminine aroma of a woman's unwashed vaginal area. This natural "musky" aroma is a natural aphrodisiac to most men and can be found to exist in recently worn panties.
After taking a whiff of her panties, the scent of her musky pussy filled my olfactory senses.
by jackballriffic October 24, 2006
a prehistoric tribal ritual... when a girl reaches maturity the elders shove a fish... preferably musky... up in dat ho giving the well known aroma of fish. Many think this is brought on by tuna, however it is inherited through the ancestors who performed this ritual. Man has been haunted by this ritual since 267B.C. and shall continue to be faced with the odorous pussy for years to come.
"Bitch yo puss smells like a musky"
by muskylad July 31, 2009
To shove one's index and middle fingers up another indivudals rectum resulting in immense discomfort.
"He spontaneously performed the uncivil act of the musky on my grandma which in turn emmited immense quantities of blood from her seventy-two year old rectum"
by Joel McCabe November 25, 2006
the smell of black people.
"somebody musky!"
by superunknown94 September 05, 2009
The odor exclusive to black people. Derived from the scientific name for the scent left by the organ in male deer reproductive organs.
Shaqueda, you is smellin hella musky today!
by Tyrone Z June 20, 2008