Identifying a range of images to a fusker script that returns a web page that displays all of the images within the range. This is especially useful for downloading numerous pornographic images quickly.
Fusking is a great way to get porn.
by Kefin January 18, 2007
Verb: To fuck with a dildo made from elephant tusk.
Tara: oh my, dumbo's tusk would make a great didlo...
Erica: yeah, i would love to fusk that!!
by Billious of arangor August 13, 2011
The sticky deposits found on ones lips after waking up in a morning after a long sleep. It is the mouths equivalent of 'sleep'.
Yuck, there's fusk all around the rim of this cup.
by Galacticness July 25, 2010
The scent emanating from the vagina of an overweight, middle aged woman.
(Person 1) Holy shit, what's that smell?

(Person 2) That's Kelly's fusk, man.
by AD_SoDope December 31, 2010
A funky, musky smell when something is not clean esp. a penis.
Chicks won't go down on him because he is fusky.
by veruus September 04, 2003
Fusk: See Sex. Fusk is another word for Fuck or derogitory sex.
Ryan, you're a fusking moron if you think you can get my cheetos
by Netami March 25, 2003
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