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a reason for doing something, be it stupid or insignificant.
An act of impulse
"Hey man, why did you fuck my sister?"
"For funzies, you should have seen the look on your mum's face!"
by nelly b June 20, 2007
67 14
doing things for fun/for a laugh
having fun
fuzies is what funzies does
etc. u get it
i ate a marshmallow dipped in mustard for funzies
im dancing like a madman-its funzies
by sarah duffy June 09, 2007
41 15
A mix b/w crazy and fun. Describes a funny crazy fool who will do anything to make someone laugh. Originated from a drunk Irish Man(Me).
MIke, your backwards donots are so funzy
by Brennan Gaul June 23, 2006
32 13
A word from an Internet meme that originated in Pakistan, an amalgamation of the words fun and lolzy meaning to have fun and a laugh at the same time.
Herman - That new Adam Sandler film was funzy
Jason - Word!
by fishfingers1 March 03, 2010
10 1
Means doing something just for the fun of it, especially something illegal, perverse, pointless, stupid or dangerous.
Some serial killers have admitted to doing it mostly for the funzies.
by khommenghetsum July 03, 2013
0 0
A woman's breasts.
My girlfriend Jennifer sure has great funzies!
by Wally's son June 11, 2013
4 6
when a macho guy rides a motorcycle and dresses & acts like fonzie from happy days series.he has fun doing such.hey
here comes Gary on his motorcycle.hey funzy hows it going? {gary replies}aayyy!
by gary stangelo February 16, 2004
4 13