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A contraction of "fucking" and "gonna" (which is itself a contraction of "going to..")

Generally implies that something is going to be done in the near future, and done with authority.
What you doing tonight?
Oh, I funna get some beers from the store later and get crunk!
by spesimen May 08, 2004
To do something. A contraction of fixing to.
I'm fixing to nuke a burrito.

I funna nuke a burrito.
by MrWhat August 07, 2003
funna: action of doing something. also known as finna. also look for evolution of this word which makes it a slang of a slang example: Funsa or Finsa meaning the same thing.
yo I'm Funna roll to the store wanna ride.

I'm finna get paid on friday fool!

that B!tC# is getting on my nerves I'm funsa beat here A$$.

I'm Finsa eat some fried chicken you want some or I'm Funna eat it all!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 18, 2005
Meaning: Going to go do something
Mostly used by the hip-hop culture to shorten the above meaning.
I funna hit up that coochy today.
Man that sounds good to me, I funna go smack sum heads boi!
AH YEAH BOI! I funna do that later tho.
by h1vltg3d May 12, 2008
Fixin' to as in getting ready to do something.
I funna go to the store in ten minutes if you want some hot wings.
by Barelyoutofblue December 08, 2005
going to, usually immediately
I'm funna kick yo' ass!
by pwnjoonoobit June 27, 2003
action: going to get something
"I funna go get some lotion"
by Rooster June 04, 2002

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