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Although once thought to describe the act of having a fit (i.e., a seizure), it has evolved into a ghetto way to say "fixin' to, about to, or going to do something."
I ain't fittin to take no spelin class.
by Robb H. September 23, 2006
one is about to do something
I'm fittin to go to the sto.
by Filthy Rich July 02, 2002
ready to take some action.
I fittin ta nut onya Shaquineesha.
by aereilly August 03, 2003
to want to do something
yo i'm fittin' to get mah drink on.
by kashmoney October 14, 2005
Appropriate, suitable, acceptable
Her behavior at the dance ain't fittin.
by SSanf August 28, 2014
Something that needs to be done
G: I'm fittin to shake it, this party is whack. I'ma head straight to the afterparty.

B: Preach, we're audi!
by Ryan "Homie G" May 30, 2005
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