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fixing to- verb meaning to start or begin
I am fixing to take my shower. Anyone need in the bathroom before i do?
Dude, watch this, Rocky is fixing to kick Appollo Creed's ass.
Im fixing to go out , so don't wait up for me.
by happy 2day October 18, 2012
Generally used only in the state of Texas, 'fixing to' is the equivalent of 'about to' or 'getting ready to'. If used outside of Texas, likely the person using it is from Texas or has spent a great deal of time in Texas. Also, this person will likely be on the receiving end of, "You're... what?"
"I'm fixing to watch the football game on TV."
by Anonymous June 23, 2003
It means you are about to do something, or more accurately you are doing something now that will lead to you doing the thing that you are fixin' to do. Fixing = preparation

Others here have the pronunciation wrong, when spoken it sounds like one word: "fixina" which led to it's child word finna
In the South we like to run our words together, it's too hot to pronounce every letter.
Texan: "I'm fixing to go unload my pickup cuz it's full of junk and I've gotta go get cokes for the party."
Translation: I am in the process of preparing to go begin unloading the miscellaneous items from the back of my truck because I must go purchase beverages for the party.
by chubbypunny September 29, 2015
going to or about to. Used only in the deep south or by people from the deep south.

Also pronounced as "fittina".
Hey y'all! I reckon I'm fixing to marry my cousin who's also my sister!
by Slack Jawed Yokel from Rkansas October 26, 2004
when southerners are about to accomplish tasks. pronounced "fiddin ta"
We fiddin ta get blazed up in herrrr.
by David Koresh June 01, 2005
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