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when you are very hungry, "fucking hungry"..kind of taken from the form of "fucking ugly" fugly
damn i am soo fungry right now!!
by marissa October 21, 2004
4 5
Fuckin hungry
I'm so fungry
by Kirkish September 18, 2003
301 28
Meaning to be Fucking Hungry; very hungry; hungry to the max; hunger plus 5.
Great! Now I'm Fungry because you want to eat nachos in my face.
by Elliott Cantler July 10, 2008
89 19
The state of being extremely hungry. As popularised on CNNNN.
"I'm fungry"
by bob November 02, 2002
76 40
Fucking Hungry
Yo, are the burgers almost done? I'm fungry over here
by Carrera500 January 30, 2009
33 12
Short for "Fucking Hungry"

Related to Fugly.
Dude, I am so Fungry I could eat your house!!!
by Corey Bennett February 25, 2005
39 22
Fucking Hungry, used to describe an extreme hunger
Man, I haven't eaten all day! I'm so fungry I could eat a whole cow!
by Verai December 04, 2005
26 16
When you're really,really fucking hungry!
I haven't eaten all day, i'm really fungry!
by Gregory Adam Francis Ryan September 14, 2008
11 2