to skeet, jizz, nut, whatever you wanna call it.
Eww! he had fun all over my leg! It got on my flip flops!!
by ~Kaitlyn*$ November 07, 2004
Fuck You Nigga
fuckin ugly nigga
Josh-dem pants look gay bro
Johnny- maaaannnn f.u.n

Johnny-Josh nigga u ugly
Josh- I kno u aint talkin u f.u.n
by YungLou September 29, 2009
fun is when you are in bed with a loved partner and you are enjoying each others company cough cough!(forplay-sex)
me-baby you wanna have fun tonite?
by Tanyamozer August 14, 2004
a man and woman getting horny and having a shag
Man "do you want fun?"

Woman "ok"
by cfdsfghhjhnhgbcrrguyu May 14, 2003
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