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fun, is getting really stoned
wanna have fun...then his this J
by Nick March 03, 2005
15 26
adj. used to describe something cute, adorable, attractive, etc.
"Oh! That store looks fun!"

"Her shirt is fun!"
by Ali-Tree April 17, 2008
5 17
to enjoy oneself, what it is to have pleasure
I have fun eatin her cherry
by Cherry-popper June 27, 2003
7 19
Something not at all interesting, such as chess, school, and the game cube.
"That science exam we're doing today sounds like fun"
by AlternativeFreak January 30, 2003
9 21
Contraction of "fuckin'" Not pronounced as "fun," but rather as "fuh-in." Spoken quickly as if only one syllable.
That's f'un' crazy man!!
by R.W. "Gigadumps" July 19, 2005
9 23
A Big pain in the ass!!!
Your apache server is acting wonky? Sounds fun.
by Larvell Jones July 30, 2008
1 16
there are three "definitons", ADJ.
F is for frolic thrugh all the flowers
U is for uklilalu
N is for nose pickin', chewing gum and sad lickin' here with my best buddy!

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium.... bomb!
N is for NO survivers,no no plankton, your doing it all wrong, here let mee help you.....

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for U and meee
N is for Ne where Ne time at all! here with my best buddy!!!!
i quoted this off sponge bob square pants, episode... FUN!

EX~ Man Smoking Pot is fun!!
9 25