fun, is getting really stoned
wanna have fun...then his this J
by Nick March 03, 2005
adj. used to describe something cute, adorable, attractive, etc.
"Oh! That store looks fun!"

"Her shirt is fun!"
by Ali-Tree April 17, 2008
to enjoy oneself, what it is to have pleasure
I have fun eatin her cherry
by Cherry-popper June 27, 2003
Something not at all interesting, such as chess, school, and the game cube.
"That science exam we're doing today sounds like fun"
by AlternativeFreak January 30, 2003
Contraction of "fuckin'" Not pronounced as "fun," but rather as "fuh-in." Spoken quickly as if only one syllable.
That's f'un' crazy man!!
by R.W. "Gigadumps" July 19, 2005
A Big pain in the ass!!!
Your apache server is acting wonky? Sounds fun.
by Larvell Jones July 30, 2008
there are three "definitons", ADJ.
F is for frolic thrugh all the flowers
U is for uklilalu
N is for nose pickin', chewing gum and sad lickin' here with my best buddy!

F is for fire that burns down the whole town
U is for uranium.... bomb!
N is for NO survivers,no no plankton, your doing it all wrong, here let mee help you.....

F is for friends who do stuff together
U is for U and meee
N is for Ne where Ne time at all! here with my best buddy!!!!
i quoted this off sponge bob square pants, episode... FUN!

EX~ Man Smoking Pot is fun!!

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