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Definition, you right now. Chances are you searched this in irony so that way you wouldn't have to do that essay due in tomorrow, or to stop you from cleaning your room.
There is also productive procrastination, which is when you do your errands to stop you from doing what you're ACTUALLY meant to be doing.
You: Lets see, what can I do instead of working for the next five minutes? I know, I'll search procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
Me: Should I do my revision for my AS exams? ... Nah best define Procrastinating on Urban Dictionary.
by Mechgeek May 14, 2011
Clearly something that you arent having if you're searching it on here.
Guy one: Wanna go to a party tonight?
Guy two: NO!
Guy one: WHY?!
Guy two: Because I'm looking for fun on the interent.
by Mechgeek May 24, 2010
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