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someone who takes it up the jaxi
a gay person
derogatory term
that gay boy is such a fudgepacker
by Tom''PenFold July 25, 2009
fudgepacker is used as a nicer way of saying someone is gay.
hey dave dont that bloke over thier look like a fudgepacker
by warpedhero July 22, 2008
another word to say someone is flaming gay and takes it up the ass every night in his mom's basement.
John; Heyyy studd. Wanna go do the dirty deed tomorrow? My mom's not home so we have the whole basement to ourselves.
Billy; If I wasn't such a fudge packer I'd totally reject you.
by imacoolkiddo8888888888888888 March 27, 2008
The person working in the chocolate factory between the chocolate pourer and the paper twister.
If the fudge packers are underpaid, they go on strike and the fudge sweets are all chocolate.
by Fearman November 02, 2007
One who packs fudge. Examples may be found in the catering industry or on a street corner.
1) Someone who distrubutes fudge into packaging
2) The act of pushing ones faecias futher up the rectum by use of the penis
by Lloyd Woodford April 05, 2007
1) someone who works at a chocolate factory packing fudge into boxes.
2) a homosexual male who would love to ram your shit in the wrong direction with his dick; one who sticks things in the out hole.
1) Before Liberace became a world-famous fudge packer idol, he worked at Hershey's Chocolate world as a fudge packer and rode the hershey highway to work every day.
2) Hey! What are you doing? Stop trying to pull my pants down from behind! Wait, what just poked my ass? Was that a flashlight in your pocket or...wait a minute...that's sick, you fucking fudge packer!!!
by Nick D March 19, 2003
A gay man with a huge dick so instead of being a shit tickler someone who can't stick there dick in very far were as fudge packer shoves that shit all the way up the poop shoot
what do you call a gay guy that has a big dick?


a Fudge Packer
by TH3 GRANTLEE July 28, 2009