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11 definitions by SHAKEANBAKE

The reason why you have to be nice to jews, or they will give it to you.
Oh Shit son that greedy-ass jew just gave me the sheeny curse!
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
640 269
The wall built by Tuong Lu Kim, the owner of the city wok, in South Park. He is asked to build the wall because he is Chinese, and they want to keep out child molesters. Tuong Lu Kim ends up building the wall but it is repeatidly broken by Mongolians.
Tuong Lu Kim built the city wall around South Park.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
46 13
Slang term for a good-for nothing, lazy-ass, nigger.
Those Damn Poarch Monkeys.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 09, 2006
64 34
The new 24's... stands for the size of the wheel 26".. usually chrome.. probably has spinners.. probably on a $500 cutlass or caprice.
Fuckass: Yo bro check out these 24's i just got!
Real Playa: Nigga thats weak. Check out this shit I got on my Ride 26's Bitch.
Fuckass: Ah Shit Man.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 14, 2006
45 18
A Common Term for the Green Bay Packers.
Those fucking green gay packers, they already suck at football, and now they're screwing each other too!
by SHAKEANBAKE August 09, 2006
53 31
A Term used for a Shopping cart. Commonly used by people in the Pittsburg area.
The other night we threw a buggie off the KMart Roof.
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
34 19
A common phrase used in civics class to get your peers to vote for a specific candidate.
In the video Ben told his class to "Vote For Kyle!"
by SHAKEANBAKE August 10, 2006
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